One of the shop's first major projects, Dave's Corrado has seen a few forms. When the debuted at H20 in 2008, it was mocha in color, sitting on air, powered by a turbo VR, and sporting a custom interior. For many enthusiasts (and many friends), the rado could get no better. But for Dave, it was only the beginning.

Once the 2008 season ended, Dave drove the rado home, tore it apart and began scheming to make it an AWD beast. He picked up a haldex setup from a friend who had abandoned a similar project and got to work. A year later, the car rolled into H20 boasting 450awhp. Not many recognized the rado–it had gone through a major facelift: new white paint, bigger turbo setup, and a set of 17x9 / 17x10 CCW LM20's. The only trace of the mocha rado was the interior – and it's owner.